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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Country Living

Hey everybody!!
And WELCOME to the new followers!
Thank you so much for thinking I'm interesting enough to hang out with.
I just think that is so sweet!

You know, I get asked a lot why I like living in the middle of nowhere.
But I LOVE it.
It's quiet.
It's welcoming.
It's just me and my family.
(and I know that's not proper English, but we're among friends, right?)
But we're never alone long.
People have found our secret.
And like to come enjoy our paradise.
But we absolutely love to share it.

I get to wake up to beautiful skies like this
(and for a better view of the picture, just click to enlarge)

I get to hang my 'grannie panties' out if I want to and no one will know!
No worries...I saved your eyes....I didn't hang them on the line today.

I can look out my kitchen window and see my 'friends'

I can let this random squash grow that my little (big) dog, Sadie, plants for me.
(This is the second year it's happened)
And no nosey neighbors stop by to 'remind' me I have a squash growing out of place.

I can sit out on the front porch and watch the beauty of nature unfold

I can enjoy putting random groupings together of 'old' things and it fits right in.

I can look out any window and have the perfect view

And when I lift up my prayers at night
to give thanks for such a loving place to live
I can look up in the sky and know that we'll always be taken care of
no matter where we live.

Now, we don't live in a big, fancy house.
It's an old farm house we've been working on for the last 13 years.
But it's turned into our paradise.
It's a continual work in progress
and we love every minute of it.
And my cousin, Mary, wasn't kidding when she first saw it
and said, "This is the money pit!"
Yep...sure is!
I think I will put a tin can at the end of the lane and ask for donations.

Until the next adventure!


Shay said...

Your corner of the world looks like a very serene and beautiful place to live.

I can see why you love it so much.

jules said...

Lovely pictures Cindy Lou. Your part of the world is so peaceful and calming....I love it! I'll bring my clothes out and you can hang them up too. :)

Wendys Hat said...

What beautiful views you have! What a great place to live.