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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taking Time To Remember

My wish for you is to wake up each day and be grateful.  No matter how bad you think your day is, please get to wake up and live your life however you choose.  Each day is a choice...a gift.  All these people on 9/11/01 woke up, thought they were going to work....or flying home to see their families, or on their way to a business trip....only to find out that would be their last adventure on this earth.  Though they are now in a much better place than we are, we can choose to make Heaven on earth.  We can still choose to make things better.  God Bless.


ctcsmith said...

May we never forget!!! God Bless!

jules said...

Very well put Cindy! We will never forget!

Sarah said...

Thats right!!! Every day we make choices. How we choose to face our day, how to react to our circumstances....everything we do is a choice.... We can choose to be a victim or a survivor. Be accountable for your life, find things to be grateful for and focus there. We must quit wasting time being angry or worrying about what others may think or say about us and live our life, this wonderful gift we have been given each time we wake up, to its fullest!!!
My challenge for anyone reading this reply is to learn acceptance and tolerance of those who may think or live a life different from yours. Find understanding in why they do the things they do. Do not pass judgement (that is not our place, but His). Embrace the difference in others as that is what makes our Country so wonderful!! And remember this war we are in is against terrorists...NOT muslims.