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Sunday, May 9, 2010


We are one lucky family.  We have an amazing mom who, for some reason, loves us all to death.  :o)  This picture shows my brother, the tall handsome redhead, my sister, the hot sexy brunette, my mom, the beauty in teal, and me, the cute chubby one.  LOL  Today I just feel blessed to have these amazing people in my life, so I wanted to pay tribute to the one who started it mom.

I can't say enough about my mom.  She taught me how to be a strong woman.  It took me a while to learn the lesson, but eventually, I did and I am so grateful for that.  I've learned how to stand up for myself in a respectful manner (okay...most of the time!  LOL).  I've learned how to have an open mind and to see things through another's eyes.  Though, sometimes I am a little closed-minded, I am aware of that fact and try to open it up more...because of my mom.

The other day when the stock market was going crazy because of someone's mistype, mom and I were talking and she was telling me how glued she was to the TV when all that was going one.  I was poking fun, telling her that most retired women are watching their soap opera's, but no my mom!  She's glued to Wall Street.  But you know what?  In all that poking, I was proud.  I was proud of the fact that she continually shares her intelligence with her children.  It's those types of things that help me grow and become more aware of the world I live in.  It's those types of things that make her an awesome mother. It's those types of things I want to pass on to my sons, so they continue to grow and become strong, successful men.

So...on this Mother's Day, I pay tribute to the woman who raised me to be the pretty cool woman I turned out to be.  :o)  Thank you for being you, Mom.  I love you more than words could ever say and I'm so lucky to have you be my role model.  Okay...time for the hankie!  May you all be as blessed as I have been!


Sarah said...

Wow! That was beautiful! And you are so correct in everything you say. So if you are reading this mom, I say "what Cindy just said!"

Anonymous said...

i love you guys!!!! oh this is your little sister by the way:)