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Friday, April 2, 2010

Great Day!

This has just been another fabulous day!  I had coffee with a good friend this morning.  Did all my laundry and hung it on the clothesline to dry...and boy did it dry fast!  The wind was crazy!  But that just made it all the quicker to get done, folded and put away.  I love the smell of clothes dried on the clothesline. Unless, of course, the scent of the neighbors hog confinement (which is a couple miles away)gets picked up by the wind.  Then that's just a whole other story right there....

I had some time to do a bit of sewing today.  I found this great pattern online for an iPod/Camera holder at  I think this will make a great Easter present!

I also tried a new recipe today for supper.  I'm happy to say my family loved yet another Chef Jeff recipe!  Incase you didn't see is web address in my other post, it's  You can sign up to receive his daily newsletter, which is called Passport to Healthy Cooking.  This recipe is called Broiled Salmon with Mustard-Brown Sugar Glaze.  DELISH!!

The recipe is:

Serves 4
Cook time: 20 minutes
½         cup Brown Sugar
¼         cup Dijon Mustard
2          teaspoons minced Garlic
4          each Salmon Filets
2          teaspoons All Purpose Seasoning, no salt

Preheat broiler. Mix the dijon, garlic, and brown sugar. Place salmon on a baking sheet and season with the seasoning and spread with the glaze. Broil for 10 minutes or until cooked through.  
per serving: 334 calories; 36 gram protein; 12 grams total fat; 0 gram fiber; 3 gram saturated fat; 9.5 grams carbohydrates; 108 mgs cholesterol; 324 mgs sodium

I hope you all had a wonderful Good Friday!

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