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Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Neat Things!

So I have been busy in my sewing room this week making up for lost time.  The dinner theatre takes an incredible amount of time, so I had to give my sewing machine some attention so it wouldn't forget who I was!  LOL  As I mentioned in a prior post, I joined an on-line quilt along.  It's been a lot of fun and I'm proud to say I kept up with making my weekly blocks during the craziness of dinner theatre!  You can check them out by clicking on this link

Now on to something you fellow crafters might enjoy!  There's a real nice gal on flickr that posted this Poochie Bag with the link to another wonderful gal who designed, and is sharing, the pattern.  Here's the bag:

The link to the pattern is here:  You can also join the Poochie Pouch flickr group.  The bag I made is for my two year old niece.  I thought she would enjoy using it to carry around her baby dolls or any other little goodie she finds.  (Suzie - I KNOW you will end up making this bag, so you'll have to let me know how you like it and post it of flickr!  LOL)  The pattern is so easy and it's just a fun bag.  So thank you to the Happy Zombie for being so generous!!!  Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE that name...Happy can that NOT put a smile on your face!!

Okay...I just have to share this because I'm still freaked out by what I saw this morning.  So, as I said, I'm really enjoying this flickr stuff.  I've meant so many nice quilters and crafters and have enjoyed the things I'm learning on there.  I wanted to add some more groups, and I did find some nice quilting ones.  So I do my morning ritual...get up....make a pot of coffee...turn the computer on...get my cup of coffee...sit down at the computer to see what's new in the quilting world before I have to get ready for work.   I hit the Explore icon on flickr and you can view the most popular I did....Oh.......My.............Gosh.............what I clicked on scarred me for LIFE!!!  It was photos of all these women with their BARE BUTTS!!!!!!  Oh yeah....real people....sharing their birthday suits.  Like I told my sister...that woke me up faster than any cup of coffee ever did!  I know there are a 'different' kind of people out there, but you know, when you're wanting to see quilts and crafts, but end up seeing 'cracks'.....that's a bit of a shocker!!  So this chick got out of Dodge real fast!!!

I hope you all are doing well!  Until the next post.....'bottom's up!'  (get it!!  oooo.....I 'crack' myself up!!!!!)  Okay....I'll stop.....  :o)

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