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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Across the Pond - Skinny Pinny

I LOVED this months project for the
Incase you need a refresher,
this monthly project is hosted by
They take turns sharing a project for the month.
This month was hosted by Susie and her project was the Skinny Pincushion.
You can find the tutorial by Green Bean Patterns
This goes together very quickly
and is SO cute.
The first one doesn't work for my machine. 
I keep my extension table on,
so I needed to make mine a bit skinnier to
accommodate the small space.
So here's my first one.

I will be giving this one as a gift.
I'm pretty sure I know who will get it.
I used Amy's measurements to make my second one and it worked perfectly.

I like to use crushed walnut shells
to fill my pin cushions.
My sister and I buy a bag of them
from the pet shop and then split it.
(because you get a HUGE bag!)
I love the weight and firmness the crushed shells
give the cushions.

I also did a little embellishing

I love those polka dot buttons!
The lace and button can be found at
the Little Red Cottage on Etsy.
You can find them
So hurry up and go make yours!
And if you do,
make sure to share in the Flickr group.



CitricSugar said...

A long skinny pin cushion? Well, that would be handy! Very cute.

And walnut shells. How do you pour them without getting them everywhere? I always seem to end up with walnut shells on everything...

Donna@AllthingsMing said...

I have been wanting to make this one all month but keep forgetting ! Tags bjs fir the reminder !

Amy DeCesare said...

These are both so charming, each in its own style! Well done, and wasn't that FUN?

legato1958 said...

Sew Pretty and cute !! I love your pin cushions and fabrics. And I am glad you adapted the size to use under your table!( That's cool that you can see it through your table.)

I am addicted to using the crushed walnut shells now, too. I love how they make the pin cushion feel heavier.
Those buttons are too sweet....


Linda Coleman said...

love the fabrics you used in your skinny pinny Cindy