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Friday, May 31, 2013

Samsung RF266ABPN Refrigerator Review - DON'T BUY IT!

I want to share something with you.
We purchased our refrigerator almost 4 years ago.
The last 1-1/2 to 2 years
has been a struggle with it.

Please keep in mind this is my review only
and I'm doing this to help others avoid
something like this is the future.

Isn't this a beauty?

 I will never buy a Samsung product again.

That is correct.

This refrigerator, which is model #RF266ABPN,
had issues that are SAMSUNG's issues.

I know you're wondering if we purchased the warranty
when we purchased the refrigerator
and the answer is, "no".

This does  not excuse the fact that the issues we've had with 
this model are because of Samsung's poor design.

What happens is ice builds up around the fan,
which causes it to quit operating.

We've lost a few thousand dollars worth of food over the past couple years as well.

We've had the Samsung repair people out several times.

The first time they told us is was a faulty part
(you guessed it....designed by Samsung) in the defrost
that wasn't working.

Now here's the good part,
because Samsung knew of this issue
(no recall was done, mind you, it's only if you call with an issue
that the part is replaced),
the part only cost $5.
Oh wait....
it gets even better....
we had to pay $300 to get the $5 part installed.

you read that right.
No need to check your glasses,
or wipe your eyes.

You see, 
if you don't use a Samsung approved technician,
nothing is covered,
so in order to keep the technician's work covered,
you have to use only those who are Samsung approved
(which I can agree with problem).

So they very graciously installed our $5 part,
and the frig worked for a bit,
but lo & behold,
the same exact situation started up again.

The technician came out
and said he noticed some small holes in the tubing.
He thought he fixed it after he sealed the holes.

worked for a bit....
then iced up again.

They came out a third time,
and just couldn't find anything wrong with it.  
So they said it could be an electrical issue
on our end and the polarity is switched around.
He also said maybe we needed to elevate our refrigerator a bit in the front
to allow the water to drain.
He told us if none of this worked,
there wasn't anything more he could do and we would have to
direct any issues right to Samsung.

We had the electrical checked and everything was fine.
We tilted the refrigerator up a bit
and it seemed to not have the problem....
.....until a couple weeks ago.

And the same issue started all over again.

So, we called Samsung,
who said it was an issue between us 
and their 'approved' technician.
I called the technician,
who told us it was Samsung's issue.

So after a rather unpleasant phone call with Samsung, again,
they sent another technician out yesterday.

And guess what?
He found we needed 
to replace the sensor and the thermistor,

And 6 months ago there was nothing that could be done?

So...faulty equipment from Samsung yet again.
But, yeah, we didn't purchase the warranty to cover their poor workmanship.
What the???

So, because this issue took 6 months to happen again,
the technician warranty is no longer valid
and we have to start all over again paying for parts & labor.
(even though it's the exact same issue I've consistently called about)
And I called Samsung again.
They were oh so nice and apologized for having faulty parts,
but there just wasn't anything that they could do for us.
How sweet.

At this point, we won't be getting the repair done.
We are going to buy a new refrigerator.
I promise you it won't be a Samsung,
unless they would like to make this right and offer
us a new refrigerator,
or pay for their faulty workmanship.
But I doubt that,
because the sweet customer service rep
(who  honestly was very nice)
made it quite clear there just wasn't anything Samsung could do for us.

If you are looking for a new refrigerator,
I hope you think twice before purchasing a Samsung.

Between Samsung and their 'approved' technicians,
I won't be doing business with them any time soon.
OK...probably never.


CitricSugar said...

I had a Samsung phone once. Used to turn itself off randomly, usually when I was expecting an important call. I vowed then and there I would not have another Samsung product.

Sorry to hear they've snookered you. :(

Shay said...

Sometimes you just get a shit model of a bum product . Its happened to me with a dryer (not Samsung) which had a faulty motherboard and we replaced it three times before I finally gave up and chucked it. Ditto with a double oven we bought (5 repairs in 6 years ) that was a Fisher and Paykel - and I'll never own another of their products.

Seems pretty crap that you cant get Samsung to pay for something that was their fault in the first place. Maybe someone could direct them to this blog that would get them hopping. Hope you posted a link to this on your Facebook page too!


WOW, not good, did you ask to speak to the customer service reps manager? sometimes that helps and if you get no joy from the manager speak to the managers manager, and just keep going up and up! Ask them if they only guarantee that their product will only last X amount of years? and if they say yes then they are crazy! do they not stand behind their product, tell them you will report them to the BBB.

legato1958 said...

Thanks for the heads up, Cindy. You never know when you need to replace a fridge. I am sorry that you had to go all through these repairs.... bummer.


linda said...

Flip Cindy ....................Guess what i just took delivery of my new fridge freezer last weekend ......................and it is a S.....g crikey i hope we have better luck :))

linda said...

Flip Cindy ....................Guess what i just took delivery of my new fridge freezer last weekend ......................and it is a S.....g crikey i hope we have better luck :))

Mama Pea said...

Glad to know. Samsung should stick with what they seem to do well....TVs.

Anonymous said...

We had the exact same problem with the Samsung RF266ABPN. Still do. The repair tech said that these refrigerators are known to have this problem. No fix was offered. We have to defrost the fan with a blow dryer periodically to fix it but it freezes up again in a short period of time.

Unknown said...

I have this refrigerator too and have had the exact same problem. I am on the phone with Samsung now and they are telling me they don't know of this defect in their product. I know this is not true, as the repairman that came to look at it told me it's a known issue to Samsung and they've replaced many fans due to ice build-up in the fridge. So annoying!