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Monday, May 27, 2013

Lessons in Waiting Until the Last Minute

I'm still here!

Life has thrown some pretty tough curve balls these past couple months.
I've been having a very hard time adjusting.
And I'm not good at reaching out
when my heart hurts so badly.
(good golly...I am just not good with people seeing my ugly cry...LOL)

But in light of this,
I did manage to create a few things.
(now doesn't that always put a smile on your face!)

I have to share some lesson's learned in this process.

I signed up for the Sew Sew Modern Swap 2
and again
we had 3 months to get our projects done.
Like the first round,
you are to make a big project and a small one.
They should be something that will really dazzle your partner
(of course!  there is 3 months to get-r-done!)

My partner wanted a sewing machine cover
and the one in  her mosaic is one of my absolute favorites.
and made the cover

I waited until the last minute,
because life was just too crazy and didn't allow me
the time to get it done beforehand.

So here is the finished result:

Now, mind you, I have never worked with linen in such a big scale before.
Just an FYI in case you haven't either,
it pulls and stretches really badly, 
so be careful as you put your project together.

Here are a few close ups for your viewing pleasure:

I've never done piping before and I was very happy with how it came out.

(sorry for the blurry photo!)
There are 60 - 2" squares in this project.
I used all text fabric, as my partner made mention she loved text fabric.

The tape measure twill on the left side of the text squares
Overall I was very happy with how everything came out.
I also made her a pin cushion
and thread catcher.

So great that I had to get the pattern and make one myself!
The pin cushion you can see in the first photo.
Flickr isn't letting me grab my photo to share on that one.

In all honesty,
I could have made time along the line
and not waited until the 11th hour,
but I didn't,
and I paid the price.

So here are my lessons learned:
1.  My partner didn't get my absolute best work.  I tried to make up for it
by making her two small items and sending some Aurifil thread (which we all know isn't cheap!)

2.  I paid the price, as I only got 2 hours of sleep that night (I had to work the next day), so I did not give myself my best either.

3.  My family paid the price for me being locked up in my sewing room the entire day/night.

4.  I cannot expect anyone to give their best, even myself, when things are put off to the last minute.  That is a very unfair expectation to myself and those around me.  I have to remember that the only
person I can be upset with in this situation is myself.

5.  I will revert back to this post the next time I feel I need to put something else ahead of what needs to be done.  Just as a friendly reminder that, no matter what,
procrastination leads to poor planning
and not giving your best to those who deserve it.
But I own this
and will cross my fingers that my partner loves what I made her!

This is my Oprah moment.

xoxo to all!


Melissa P said...

Learning not to procrastinate has to be one of the most frequently learned lessons. One of the ones that has to be relearned over and over an over again. I'm glad you met the deadline, even if you sacrificed a bit of yourself in the process.

Have a great week!

Shay said...

Love that sewing machine cover. It’s darling. I think your partner got a gem of a gift.

I frequently leave things until the last minute. Do you recall me finishing the binding for my Dad’s quilt in the car on the way to my parents?. Thats cutting it close !

Whatever is going on in your life I hope it resolves for you. Im only at the end of an email if you need to offload.


Procrastination is a word used very often in this household! I have a son that leaves everything until the last minute (homework), so this long weekend that I planned to sew, was not to be, I had to sort Mr Procrastinator out!!! I hope things are all sorted out for you ((HUGS)).

CitricSugar said...

I'm definitely a procrastinator but i've gotten better at some things and worse at others when it comes to putting things off over the years. And curve balls call for leeway. It's as simple as that.

I'm sure your partner will be thrilled - they're beautfiul pieces!

AND, most importantly, I'm very sorry to hear that the wheel of fortune has turned and dragged you through the muck lately. It will spin again and pull you up and out of it but it takes its own time. You have an open-invitation to grab my now-officially outstretched arm/email anytime you need it, especially as an objective third-party sounding board/rant listener. :-) Big hugs and virtual brownies!

legato1958 said...

So sorry to hear you have had some rough times... sending hugs and prayers to you!.
But your sewing machine cover is gorgeous, as well as her thread catcher and pincushion! The text fabrics are perfect for the linen patchwork! I know your partner will adore it :)

(Boy , you picked a'triple' time consuming project ... Linen, 2 inch patchwork AND BINDING!!)
Take care of yourself :)

Amy DeCesare said...

So sorry to hear that life has been bringing you more downs than ups lately, and I hope that will change soon! Meanwhile, this sewing stuff sure looks good to me, especially that lovely machine cover! Maybe Oprah would invite you on to show how it was done, with grace under pressure. I don't really enjoy deadline sewing either, as much as I love making stuff. I hope your next project will be entirely of your own choosing, in every detail.

Mama Pea said...

Thanks for the shout out.

I'm sorry life is throwing you curve balls. That sucks. If you ever need an ear, I'm hear. I don't mind the ugly cry. :-) Your cover is fantastic. If that's not your best work, well, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I know if I was your partner, I'd happily wait, as life is stressful, and sewing doesn't need to be. You did a beautiful job. I have taken to putting a lightweight interfacing to the back of my linen, when I think of it. Really helps with all that stretching and raveling.

Hugs to you. Wish I was there to give you a real one. I'm fighting pneumonia right now. :-(