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Thursday, December 6, 2012

V and Co

I don't know about all of you,
but when I go shopping
I like to dress comfy.

I actually prefer to shop on the web,
in the comforts of my sewing room,
dressed in my jammies.
But when I actually have to leave the house,
I love a hoodie and a pair of jeans.
That's me right there.
Miss Comfy.
No High Maintenance Molly here.

My sister and I went 
Christmas shopping,
which actually ended up to be quilt shop hopping.
But we bought fabric to make our Christmas gifts with,
so technically,
that's Christmas shopping.

Well...she knew I was dying to touch fabric,
and I couldn't wait the 2 hours it was going to take us
to get to one of our favorite shops,
so about half way there,
we stopped at another one of our favorites.

And you wouldn't believe who was there.
Little Ms Vanessa Christenson
from V and Co

Oh yeah....
I should have dressed for the event.

Of course, 
we didn't want to overwhelm her with our friendliness,
so we stalked her from the background,
until she was alone.
Then we pounced.

I swore I thought I was going to be a dork,
but I think I held my cool.
My dress attire spoke all the dorkiness for me,
so my personality had to remain cool.

Vanessa is as sweet as ever.
She even let us take our picture with her.
(these are from my sister's phone)

As usual, Sarah tried to be the 
"main feature" of the photo

(look at Vanessa being all cute)

These items were all made from her Simply Color line.
(which we were standing in front of)
I would like to tell you that we made them,
but that would be a lie.
However, I did purchase her Barn Dance quilt pattern.
More to come on that one!

Since Sarah was hogging the picture,
we tried to do it again.

Still not quite working.....3rd times a charm.

So there we are folks!!
Meeting Vanessa!
I sure hope to run into her 
a few more times.
and for the love...let me have a good hair day and a stylin outfit on when that happens!!
She truly was as sweet as she looks.

Thanks for making our day, Vanessa!!


Melissa P said...

I guess our mothers really knew what they were talking about when they told us to always be prepared! What a fun time for you and your sister.

Just for the record, I think you look just fine in your comfy shopping clothes.

Mama Pea said...

Oh, my gosh! No way! That is so fun! I love it. I do love her fabric, too. I got to meet her briefly at Market last year. She is sweet. What fun for you. And you look terrific. :-)

Amy DeCesare said...

How COOL is that!?!?!? So lucky to meet her totally by accident! I am in love with her line. That dresden dotted block is pure genius, dontcha think? I'm goign to have to try something clever like that someday.

Deborah said...

I'd be starstruck if I ran into her! FYI....If it's not comfortable....I don't wear it!!

Sarah said...

Ya, ya, ya..... always pick on your sister! LOL It was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!! Thanks for being my bestest friend!!!!

linda said...

dont pick on you sister :))))) you both look great and sound like you had the best day out !!!! the pics are so good and you have to dress for comfort when shopping :))))

Shay said...

If you hadnt outed yourself I wouldn't have known what you were wearing. But I'm with you - if I pop out looking less than my best Im bound to run into someone I'd rather saw me looking lovely. Happens every time.

How exciting to meet V from V and Co!

Marg said...

I agree with Shay, you can't tell you are wearing a hoodie from the photos. How awesome to meet someone famous, but bummer you weren't prepared! It's always the way isn't it, if you're looking fabulous you never see anyone!

legato1958 said...

What fun! That's so nice that she got in pictures with you and your sister...


linda said...

love your new header i have just lit candles !!!

Sarah said...

Love the Christmas background on your blog!