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Friday, December 14, 2012

Scrappy Swap and a Prize!

Hello World!

I can't believe how time is flying right now.
I haven't had much time for anything except work,
so I feel like I'm falling behind everywhere else.

I'm trying to find a balance,
which sometimes means shutting myself off from
the rest of the world.
Do you know that feeling?
You just can't add one more thing,
one more problem,
one more 'to do'
to your life.
Yeah...that's where I've been these past couple weeks.
But soon it will pass and my life will be my life again,
so that's what I'm focusing on!

In the meantime,
my brain has been on overload
from being consumed with all the information
being sent my way.
But enough with the boring stuff!!

Let's get on to some happy news!!
As I mentioned in THIS post
I was in the Scrappy Swap on Flickr

I received,
all the way from Australia,
this GORGEOUS item

It came from Hilary
and you can feel free to take a peak at her blog

I love all of the scraps,
and the fabric basket she made for me.
I'm keeping all my 2-1/2" squares in this little beauty!
it's a BIG beauty! 
I'll probably be able to hold an entire quilt
full of 2-1/2" squares!
Plus my fancy book mark
(which is being held ever so nicely in my Fifty Shades of Grey book)
Oh yeah
Hey....a gal has to have some excitement, right?

I also won a FABULOUS give away!
I could NOT believe it!
Right from the designer herself,
It was a fat quarter bundle of her new line
that is coming out this month called
Don't Be Crabby

I have a friend who had a beautiful baby boy
and this fabric is PERFECT to use to
make a quilt for him!

Along with the fabric,
I also won the paper piecing pattern 
designed by Amy Friend
of During Quiet Time.
You can read about this pattern
I highly suggest you take a look at it. 
It's so darn cute!!!

So even in the 'muck' of life,
good things continue to happen.
I can never complain!



Cindy Sharp said...

Love that whale fabric!

Melissa P said...

All those goodies are wonderful! Certainly good for getting focus off the "muck" and the boring stuff.

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

Deborah said...

What a bounty of goodness! Thanks for the links!!

quilary said...

So glad you love your swap! Congrats on a lovely win, it will make up into a gorgeous boy's quilt!

Marg said...

Woo hoo, that's a wonderful pile of goodies. Love the basket that Hilary made.

legato1958 said...

Wonderful timing to get those beautiful gifts and swaps! Sweeeet!!
Lucky Ducky!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I know what you mean about being busy!!! All those awesome fabric goodies are arriving at a great time to add colour to your days.


Yes, its a crazy time of the yaer, love those fabrics, lucky you.

CitricSugar said...


I've been in crazytown, myself. Have a wonderful holiday!