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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tastefully Late Tuesday....


I am so sorry I've been MIA.
My life is crazy right now,
but it will slow down!
Or I'll figure out how to become better organized.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to learn how to become better organized.
Which is A-OK.

I know I've missed the last 2 Monday's
to 'make a difference'
and I very much apologize.
I do promise to be better about that,
but it falls under the
'learning to become better organzied'

But hey....lets not focus on the negative!
This weekend I had a lot going on.
My cousin was having her daughter's birthday party Saturday.
She turned 2.
So I got home from work Friday night and made a couple little things for her.

She likes Tinkerbell
(hello???  who doesn't??)
so I made her a little pillow out of my scraps of
Tinkerbell fabric and minky.

And this little monogrammed bag so she can carry her baby dolls

If you are interested, the tutorial for this bag can be found here.

So...I am leaving you with this challenge in regards to making a difference.
Depending on your finances,
I want you to make someones day.
You can either leave your change in the vending machine.
Pay for the persons lunch behind you.
Send a a donation anonymously to pay someones delinquent utility bill.
(all, or part, of it)
I will be honest.
I am not tight with my money when it comes to
giving help somewhere along the way.
Nothing makes me feel better
than to share what I have.
Trust's not much.
We are in NO way rich financially.
But it's just something that brings the 'feel good' out when you do it.

So that's your challenge.
And you can't tell anyone,
because if you do,
it doesn't count.
It means you've done it for all the wrong reasons.

So go out and give and have fun and see what it does to your heart!
Until next time....



Melissa P said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Shay said...

I'm up for the challenge ! It's a great idea ...

(and I was wondering where you were !)

Anonymous said...

That is just so adorable! and I totally love your challenge!!
I've missed you gals, hope you sis is doing good!

linda said...

well you made my week not just a day well done cindy x x x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful challenge! No worries about being MIA...real life takes time and its not always perfect! :) Very sweet gifts that you made your THAT was important!! :) Happy Valentines :)

Anonymous said...
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Elisa Black said...

I'm so glad that someone else is disorganized besides me-- now I don't feel quite so alone!! I've been feeling way behind on everything as well and am working on making lists and being better organized. Your makes for your 2-yr old niece are wonderful-- I bet she loved them!! And minkee is a wonderful idea for the back of the pillow (as is Tinkerbell for the front!). I love your challenge-- I try to do stuff like that from time to time as well. Your belated tuesday was indeed very tasteful!
Here's to both of us getting caught up (raising my coffee mug and taking a sip)!