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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I WON!!!!!

Good morning!
So...I start my day like I always do.
I grab a cup of coffee
and look at all the updates on the talented blogs I follow.
Well....this morning...
I read this.

It's a book called
Table Talk.
It has 16 projects
along with the author's (Gudrun)
family recipes.
This book looks A...MA...ZING!!
If you would like to order this book
the author has several different sites
to do so.
You can find it here.
(now this is my FAVORITE part)
Kate Spain
has a new line coming out that I am SO in love with.
It's called
You can preview the fabric
It comes out in September,
which is why I am working
on getting my stash down
so I have room to add this line to it.
I will be the first in line
once it's available!

I hope you all have a great day.
Make sure to check out all the links
I provided in my post today.
It will sure get your creative
energy flowing!



Anonymous said...

ALRIGHT!!! don't you just love to win something.hah.ah.ah.a.a

Melissa P said...

Congratulations! That is going to bring you hours of fun this summer.

Unknown said... you have patterns that can be used to get rid of some of that stash! lol :)