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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Latestet Sewing Room Updates

I thought I would show
a few things I've been working on
before the 'big reveal'.
This shelf was in 
Justin's room
full of stickers
and trophy's and things.
(and I'm sorry...again..for the lopsided pics.
I have no idea why it does this)

And here is 
what it looks like 

And again...sorry for making you crank your head!

I painted it white and glued on some
decorative wood pieces to
kind of dress it up.
I sprayed the handles
with a silver metallic spray paint.
I think it turned out 

Here are a few close ups of the shelves.
The beautiful cross stitch was done
by my sweet sister, Sarah.

And here is another shelf.

Some close-ups
While I was cleaning out
containers and other goodies,
I came across the old thread
spools I got from my grandparents auction
a few years ago.  I put them in this 
jar...but I have to say, I am
loving the little pin that was in there.

When I went to JoAnn's a few weeks ago
I bought the letter "C".  Do you 
think I should have bought a vowel?  LOL

So...being so inspired by my
blogger friend, Melissa, to 
break out the Mod Podge, 
and a bit of glitter.
I turned my "C" into this:

This is my first attempt at
Mod Podge and I have
to say that I really enjoyed it!

I hope you've enjoyed the latest
tour!  And I hope it inspires to bring
out some creativity in your day.

Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Alright Cindy!!! that is looking awesome! I love Mod Podge, you can do a ton of stuff with it.
Your hard work is paying off big time.

Anonymous said...

Cindy, your shelf is just beautiful!!! I love the aqua color of the walls too. You have done a great job transforming that shelf and your new sewing room! Can't wait to see it in its completed state. Keep up the good work. :)

Melissa P said...

Look at you! A great first time Mod Podge project too! Now that you've been so successful you may find yourself looking for all kinds of things to use Mod Podge on/with. Welcome to the Mod Podge Madness!

Your room is coming along wonderfully too. :)