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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Christmas Projects

 So here is the Christmas present I made my friend, Kathy.
I'm happy to report she loved it!
And I loved it so much I think I will make one for myself! :o)
The fabric was purchased at The Cottage Rose


You know when you have those little strips left from
cutting your fabric to the correct size after
sewing them together?  I hate to toss them in the
trash, so I wanted to use them for something
fun that would go with the runner I was giving Kathy.

 So I took them and cut a 3" x 9-1/2" pc from it.

Then I matched it up to the remaining row to see where
I wanted it to fall.  Then I cut the other piece the same size
and sewed the rows together

After I was done sewing the rows together, I 
cut them to 5 x 9 inch rectangles

 Then I dug in my scraps to find a piece that would look 
good for the back.

And then put a scrap piece of batting in between
and quilted them.

Then trimmed it to size and put some binding on...Wa La!  
A nice little matching mug rug.
So normally I put the binding on by hand.but I wanted
to try a decorative stitch on my machine.
Not so sure about it, but it's
wearing on me.  :o)

 And  here is the back!
Not perfect, but she did love it,
which made me very happy.

And here is a baby quilt and matching pillow I did
for my cousin's little baby. She will be a year
old next month.  
I'm a little behind.


Sarah said...

WOW!!!!!! I love this! You are amazing!!

Cindy said...

Well thank you! I think you are pretty amazing too! :o)