Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Friend, Linda

Through blogging and different sewing swaps on the internet,
I've met some pretty awesome people.
Linda is one of them.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my mail
and saw a package from her for my birthday!
It came from across the ocean
and I couldn't have been more suprised.
It made my heart swell!

Look at all of these goodies!!

I cannot WAIT to get started doing something with these fun fabrics!
The card, the little bird, the adorable broach, the fancy pins...
I love it all!!

And check out this awesome towel!
(the one stating, 'Best of British')
It's hanging in my kitched so I can be reminded of the
"Linda love" daily. 

It fits perfectly!
(you'll have to excuse all the shadows in the  photo)

I had more pictures taken,
but the photo editing site is acting up,
and I REALLY wanted to share this with all of you!

Thank you so much again, Linda!!
You absolutely made my day perfect!!


Cindy said...


Melissa P said...

What a fabulous little package! I'll be looking forward to seeing bits of that fabric pop up in your projects this year.

Anonymous said...

It was a excitement locating your site yesterday. I came here right hoping to learn something new. And I was not dissatisfied. Your well thought out ideas for new events like this. Thank you for this idea and sharing your knowledge.

Anonymous said...

What a super surprise! and Happy Birthday to you lovely lady!! who doesn't look her age!