Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All in a Lunch Hour

What would a quilting blog be
without a crazy adventure to report
every now and then.

On Monday it was a gorgeous day.
After a crazy busy weekend
I was almost looking forward to Monday
in order to recoup a bit.

So I packed a salad for my lunch
and planned on sewing the binding on my quilt
during my lunch hour.

Well, lunch time came,
I grabbed my salad from the frig,
sat down at my desk,
and got a text on my phone.
It was my sister.
"Lunch?" she text.
I replied

So she then called and wanted to know if I 
would like to go for a drive over my lunch
since she was in town.
It was a beautiful day.
Well...."sure", I said.

I packed up my salad and met her in the parking lot.

Here's where there adventure starts.
We drove around the country roads.
Never paying attention to any signs.

OR the fact that it had just rained

"Gee, this road doesn't look bad.  We can make it"

Famous last words.

"What are we going to do?", she says.
"Do you have ***** Insurance?", I asked
"Then you have free towing."

The Rocky dance is now being performed.

And a memory is created

With a mark only Thelma & Louise would be proud of.

Oh yeah...
and we made darn sure to follow this fella out of the road.

all in a lunch hour.

Make today count folks!


Cindy Sharp said...

How awesome to have a sister to get into trouble with!

Melissa P said...

That was a busy lunch hour! Something tells me this isn't the first time the sisters have gotten stuck in an adventure and needed a little help. :)

linda said...

WOW you two got into a scrape .......all you wanted was lunch and a little quiet sewing :)))

Shay said...

Well that sounds like a very exciting sort of lunch hour. Too bad you didnt bring the quilt with you. You could have done the binding while you were waiting for the tow truck to arrive !

Lisa said...

Love it!!! Only you two could make this such a fun adventure!!!

legato1958 said...

Thank goodness it wasn't your new sewing machine that got stuck in the mud!!!! LOL


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mama Pea said...

This is fabulous. I love this post. Too funny. I love your reference to Thelma and Louise. Did you make it back to work on time? :-)

Anonymous said...
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Linda Coleman said...

that is something that would happen to me too but it sounds like you had fun


OMgosh what a fun lunch hour!!!!! crazy

Anonymous said...
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CitricSugar said...

Hope your roads are less soggy this week! :-)

Anonymous said...

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