Sunday, November 6, 2011

Easy Street Bag & My Friend Linda

I just had to share this with you.
It's another pattern from 

The pattern is called
Easy Street Bag.
You can find this PDF download
in Melissa's Etsy shop

And here is the beauty!

The bag is perfect for a 'quick something' to go to.
It's small enough that things don't get lost in it,
but large enough to make a statement.
I made this bag in just a couple hours.
I plan on making several more
with fabrics that match my wardrobe.
I also think these will be great Christmas presents
with a matching zipper pouch to go with it.

The fabric I used was Camelot by Jason Yenter.
You can find this at one of my favorite shops,

This is a beautiful, quick bag
that was a  lot of fun to make.
You can never go wrong with one of Melissa's patterns.

I also had a sweet surprise in the mail this week!
My friend, Linda, from Scotland sent me these little goodies.
I am very proud to say I have a strong Scottish heritage on my mom's side of the family.
Linda was so sweet and sent me a package full of Scottish goodies
and a handmade ornament.
Thank you so much, Linda!
You'll never know how much this brightened my day!

You can check Linda's blog out
Stop over and tell her hello.
She would love to hear from you!

So thank you to everyone involved with this post.
Etsy shop here

Etsy shop here

And Linda of  Lawson Place

You all are so inspiring to me!

FYI - this was not a sponsored post.
I just believe in these gals.

However...on Saturday, November 12th,
I WILL be posting my first sponsored
blog post with an incredible giveaway,
so make sure to stay tuned!

Have a very blessed Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Woman you are just rocking today!!!
Love that bag and all your goodies! The chocolate would have never made the photo.hah.ah.a.ha.a.

Anonymous said...

That bag is so cute! Love the fabric!


Melissa P said...

What a wonderful package to get from overseas. There's nothing like packages in the mail to lift your spirits. And when they make that extra long journey, they're extra special.

Your bag turned out beautifully!

Shay said...

Love the package of goodies Cindy! One of my favourite things is getting squishy mail!

Im working up to proper bags with zips...we all know I can do zips. Your bag is delightful!

linda said...

i love the bag and with a zippy wallet too that would be fab ,my zippy that you sent me in the goodie swap is getting plenty of work and the little note book fits right in it !!so glad you like all the itty bitties :))

FabricFascination said...

Cindy, I just saw this bag and your post today. Love it! Thanks for mentioning my shop.