Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sewing Room Swap

I hope all is going well in your world!

I won't even tell you how crazy busy I've been.

I did get something checked off my list.

I signed up for the Sewing Room Swap on Flickr.

My partner wanted a sewing machine cover,
so I made her one using this pattern.

It's called Just Swell by Thimble Blossoms.
(I am in love with Camile Roskelley)
This is a great pattern.
Very easy to follow
and a very quick and adorable cover!

So here is my version,
hopefully to my swap partner's liking!

I am a little sick though.
My machine had a bit of a hiccup and I didn't notice it until all was said and done.
Apparently the thread came out from that little area right above the needle,
and it cause a couple skipped stitches in my zigzag quilting.

I used a couple different embroidery stitches to add a little 'cuteness' to the cover.

I have to say, 
I am very happy to my Josie back!
She does great work!
(when I have her threaded right)

The little basket setting beside the machine
is a matching thread catcher.

The fabric I used for this thread catcher is 
Vintage notions by Amy Barickman.
I just love it!

I have one more swap I'm sewing for to get started and finished by Sept 13th,
one emergency quilt (more to come on that for a later post),
quilt my mother-in-law's quilt,
and in between all this, I'll be canning.
All this AFTER I've worked all day at my 'real job'.

So I will be out of commission yet for the next couple weeks,
but I cannot complain for all this fun stuff I get to do.

As far as canning,
so far I've done 5 pints of pizza sauce and 14 quarts 
of tomato juice.  
The Tomato God's are watching over me,
because the tomatoes are ready in perfect size
batches so I can work on a batch every couple days.
That way it isn't so overwhelming.
Today it's spaghetti sauce. 
I'm hoping for at least 7 quarts of that today!
I'll send you all the dinner invite this winter when we pop those 
jars open for a meal!

I hope your world has been full of creative journey's!



legato1958 said...

Your sewing machine cover is gorgeous!! Your partner will adore it, I am sure!
You are going to be busy for awhile!
Glad your Josie is back for you to sew on again!


Amy DeCesare said...

Your partner is just going to love her swap gifts. The embroidered scissors and thread are such a cute touch, and the colors are so happy. Take care with all of the work ahead, and we'll miss your sewing adventures for a bit. Can't wait until you are back creating with Josie!

CitricSugar said...

Those are so adorable! She'll love them.

Good luck with the canning - if I lived closer, I'd come over to help. I want to get into canning one of these years but I'm a crappy gardener....

Marg said...

You have a very lucky partner, that sewing machine cover is gorgeous. that's a very cute idea to use the decorative stitches.
I'm going to have to google -quart equivalent. I have no idea how big a quart is, it sounds a lot. It would be so much easier for me if the US used the metric system, lol.

Melissa P said...

Wow. All that sewing and you're canning too!! You are one busy woman.

I'm sure your swap partner is going to love all her goodies.

linda said...

ooo Cindy this is looking delicious !!loved it in flickr love it more now !!! is it for me !!love the embroidery that you did (josie)..............i am excepting the invite to dinner will come and give you a hand with the tomatos too :))))

Donna Sand said...

The cover is just wonderful! Great job ! Your making me feel lazy ...i haven't started to can yet sure are going on full steam ahead!! you go girl!


Cindy, I love the cover and the embroidery is so cute. Please post your spaghetti sauce recipe and photos of your canning process. I hope to grow tomatoes next year (couldn't do it this year due to moving)amongst a whole host of other things.