Monday, March 5, 2012

Make A Difference Monday

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Happy Monday!!!

Today's idea is very simple.
I came across it as I was getting groceries this weekend.
I was in a bit of a cranky mood.
(my sister will vouch for that)

Yeah...I was one of those cranky,
foul-faced grocery shoppers.
I truly despise getting groceries.
It's on my Top Ten list
of least favorite things to do.

So as I was being crabby
and thinking about how miserable
I was, I looked around the store.
It was full of people like me.
There was one rare woman in the bunch.
And I ran into her.
She smiled.
Not just a
"I'm smiling because I have to" smile,
but a smile from her heart.
And do you know what happened next?
I smiled.
Not just a
"I'm smiling back at you because you smiled at me"
It was a
"OMG...this is what life is about"

She said, "Excuse me",
as she turned the corner in front of me.
And I couldn't help but let my heart get all warm
because her joyous smile was contagious.
I said,
"Absolutely!  You have yourself a great day!"

See....I forgot.
I let my surroundings dictate
my attitude,
forgetting my attitude is just that.
MY attitude.
I control it.
And I can give in to the Negative Nelly's around me,
or I can smile and keep on keeping on.

They aren't kidding when they say smiles are contagious.
And I'm not saying that I didn't go ahead and give in to the
grocery gremlins who turn my heart into stone
after I ran into that little angel.
But I will tell you it made me think.
It made me write this post today.
So something good came out of one little heartfelt smile.

My challenge to you this week is to do just that.
When you are out and about,
look someone in the eye and give them that heartfelt smile.
And who cares if they smile back or not.
They might be shocked, because the world they live in
doesn't leave much to smile about.
You never know.
My guess is you'll make that teeny bit of difference to someone,
just like this little gal did for me.

Let me know!


Linda Coleman said...

great post Cindy, as my daughter keeps telling me smile Mam because you look nicer when you smile.

Cindy said...


Melissa P said...

It's amazing what random acts of kindness can do--for the one doing the kindness and for the one receiving it.

Have a great week!

Shay said...

I do this all the time and it's amazing the response you transforms people.

I love grocery shopping . Does that make me weird?