Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thank you, Melissa!!

I have to say 
that I am pretty blessed.
Through blogging, I have met a great friend.

She continually inspires me to think outside the box.
I'm such a rule follower that it's hard for me to
'color outside the lines' 
so to speak.
But reading Melissa's blog inspires me
to get a little crazy.
(Plus she is a huge animal lover like myself)
Though I 'm not ready to post any of my craziness yet,
I can show you what she sent me in the mail!

All these lovely Sis Boom scraps to welcome me to
Sis Boom Sisterhood!!
I just purchased
Girl's World by Jennifer Paganelli
(of Sis Boom).
Now, mind you, I don't have any little girls,
but this book was too cute to pass up!
And I do have little nieces I can sew for as well.
Hopefully, I will one day have granddaughters too.
But I had to take a picture of the book with all the luscious scraps
Melissa sent to me.
What a nice surprise!!  Melissa, you completely made my day!

Here's something I whipped up last night from some of the scraps.

I'm not quite sold on the button yet.  
I think because it's a bit off center.
We'll see if I keep it.

And I realized I needed something
trustworthy to guard all this precious fabric
when I'm not in my sewing room.
Lucky for me, the book had a pattern for this cute little gal.

And of course, she had to be pink
and made out of Sis Boom fabric that I recently purchased.
So what girl isn't complete without her bling?

That keeps her on her toes while she guards all the fabric.
She is stationed on the shelf to keep watch.

I think thieves will be afraid of her, should they come in and try and steal my fabric.
She is rough and tough.
What should I name her?

I took a picture of her on my phone and sent it to my sister and my cousin.
They both want a guard dog now.
I did make them each one, but since this post is dedicated to Sis Boom,
and the dogs are made out of other material from my stash,
they will be posted at a later date.
I will end this post with a picture of the opposite side of the pillow I made from
the fabric Melissa sent me along with my dog.

Now if you're interested in learning more about Sis Boom
you can click here.
Trust me, you will get hooked.
This is all so scrumptious
that you will have a  hard time saying, "NO".
Check out stores in Etsy
if you would like to purchase
the fabrics.  Just search either Sis Boom,
or Jennifer Paganelli and you'll get all kinds of stores
to lure you in.
I purchased Girl's World from Amazon, if you're interested.
It truly is a great book.  Beautifully designed,
great patterns and pages among pages of inspiration!

Thank you for just being you.
I think you are pretty darn awesome.

Until the next adventure!

This posting was not sponsored by anyone.
This is my own free will review.
I'm kind of like that.
When I believe in something,
I just share it with no expectation.
It's kind of one of those things that makes the world go round
in an old fashioned way.


Melissa P said...

Oh my goodness! Look how busy you've been! I love your puppy--the perfect stash guard dog.

I'm so happy you were able to play in those scraps! Lots of happy moments are waiting for you with those.

Cindy said...

Your pup looks like a Paisley to me.