Friday, July 16, 2010

My Latest Projects

Just thought I would update  you on the quilting projects I've been doing.  Way back when (of course, when I say, "way back when", I do mean AFTER the dinosaurs.) I posted the fabrics I'd be using (Kansas Troubles Winter line) for the online quiltalong at p.s. I quilt.  Well, I'm working on putting the sashing and border on now.  But I thought I would go ahead and show you the lay out:

Now keep in mind, as I said, I am adding the sashing strips and border, so this is just a rough draft of what's to come.  :o)  I'm thinkin this pretty rad!

My new project is the Summer Star Sampler 2010.  The instructions are given every Tuesday for two blocks.  I just completed week two...BEFORE next Tuesday!  LOL  I'm pretty proud of myself for that one!  But this gives me time over the weekend to finish my pinwheel quilt, so I need to stay on top of my game.  :o)  I think juggling two quilt projects (soon to be three!...more to come on that one) has to be WAY worse then trying to juggle two men at the same time.  Just sayin...  Here's the new quilt:

This fabric line is Holiday Happy by Happy Zombie (with additions of other fabric lines if needed for contrast).  If you've never viewed  her blog, you really should.  OMG....LOVE this gal!!  She totally cracks my stuff up!!  My dream is to meet her in person some day.  I think we would be the life of the party.  :o) me that would be like meeting the Barbra Streisand of the quilt world.  **sigh**  I got to meet Patrick Lose whose my other hero and he now calls me his friend....~~swoon~~.  So dreams do come true!  :o)  I'm incorporating his fabric into this quilt as well.  His blue Fizz is in the blue block on the bottom right corner.  I just love the quilting world!

Until the next adventure of the Singing Quilter...I wish y'all best stitches from my needle to yours!  (you guessed it...I LOVE Paula Deen know...when she says, "I wish y'all best dishes from my kitchen to yours"! LOL)


jules said...

You are totally putting me to shame Girl!!! I have not sewn for almost 2 months and I'm ashamed and antsy about it!!! I WILL sew today for at least 3-4 hours and WILL complete something!!! I must!!! I may not shower, or get out of my jammies ALL day!!! Your blog is so great and I love being able to see ALL of your progress, although lately it's depressing me cause I'm not getting anything done lol. You GO girl!!! XXXXOOOO

jules said...

Oh and by the way, I absolutely love the quilt at the top!!!! You did an amazing job and I love the colors you chose. I hope you are keeping this one for yourself! Also love the new star quilt you are doing..........the colors are such fun. I've yet to start that one, but really want to! Love Ya!

Melissa P said...

You are keeping busy! I love your Happy Zombie squares. Can't wait to see that one finished.